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Graphic Designer

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’

Graphic designers are the creative souls that combine art and technology to make a perfect visual communication. By incorporating the design elements, you’ll prepare a variety of advertisements, posters, layouts, exhibitions, corporate communication, package designs, website designs, logos and illustrations.

The goal is to sail the client’s message across.

Required Skills

strong design concepts

Demonstrate strong design concepts

photoshop illustrator designs

Handy with Photoshop, Illustrator,Corel Draw

typography artwork

Good knowledge of typography

attractive web design

Basic understanding of web design

time management

Time management


  • Meeting account managers to discuss needs of clients
  • Create a concept design using rough drafts
  • Advise clients on various strategies to reach audience
  • Estimating the time required for project implementation
  • Create images that identify with product or convey message
  • Working on various graphic design software
  • Proofreading to prepare accurate and high quality work
  • Coordinate with copywriters, photographers, and web developers
  • Presenting the final design to clients or art director
  • Be professional regarding time, costs and deadlines

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